Introduction To ITC Catterick, MT & MST.

Infantry Training Camp Catterick

What is an ITC?

In short an ITC stands for Infantry Training Camp, at current ITC Catterick is based on the island of Altis. It is used for all different kinds of training, from basic infantry training (formations, movement, etc) to advanced training such as working with vehicles, stealth & spec-op training.

Differences in Training Type.

Within the unit we have 4 different types of training, some of these are mandatory, some are not. Here I will explain (in brief) what each are for.

MT: Mandatory Training - This can be used for Section Wide Training, PT1 (Recruit) and other training subjects that the OF & Section Leads believe to be a required thing ASAP. (Typically run 1 time monthly)

MST: Mission Specific Training - Will be used when moving to a new mission, to brush up on things that become prevalent in the mission before, but to also learn any new mods, procedures and the like for the next mission. (No set repeat, used for a 2-3 week gap between missions)

NMT: Non Mandatory Training - Things such as specialist role training, firing range practise, etc all can be classified as NMT. As the name stands NMT sessions are non mandatory. 

PT1 (Not yet launched): PT1 Training is the basic for any rifleman, it will give the assurance that everybody who comes into a section will have at least a basic knowledge of roles. (Ran midweek whenever OR-01 Numbers are high enough)

Who Can Run Training Sessions?

At current all MST, MT and PT1 training are to be run by a member of the OF team, with possible assistance from other ORs.

NMTs however can be run by platoon, section or fireteam leaders at approval of the OF team.

Task Force Husky - OF-05 (Leader)

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