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Full Version: Aug 27/08/2019 - Announcements
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August 27th 2019 - Announcements


Hello! I'm going to be using this area to post announcements, but not a thread for every announcement, I'll be putting groups of announcements in this area, such as new mods, rules, updates to procedures, special events, etc.

New members will be announced in "Troops" each "Troop" will consist of 3-5 members, including where they are attached to (more about that below)

The Launch of 1 Platoon.

Platoon Lead: Huski
Motto: "Courage In Adversity"

[Image: ucuuMR6.png]

Welcome to the start of our new Structuring, 1 Platoon is made as an Adaptable Arms Platoon, which is the main fighting force within Task Force Husky, the size of 1 Platoon can vary depending on requirements within operations. Currently 1 Platoon is made to support 24 fighting members, which are split into 2 sections of 12 men each.

Currently new recruits will be placed into 1 Platoon 1 Section which at time of posting is the only open section within the platoon.

Operation Procedure Update

With this update comes a few changes to our procedures, I've spent a fair amount of time thinking, testing and reviewing notes I'd made on previous TFH Operations, Zeus, Liberation, TRGM, ETC.

Find below the new changes

Cutting Down Arsenal Time.

Something I had noticed within our operations is how long we spend in the Arsenal, not in terms of choosing gun, but instead we spend a long time choosing clothing and vest, with this, now within our operations (Where applicable) we will be STANDARDISING UNIFORMS AND VESTS

What does this mean?

From now on the TFH Standard Deployment Uniform will be the following:

CUP (or 3CB depending on what's being used) British Armed Forces UBACS Uniform (MTP For most maps, DDPM for Arid Deserts such as Takistan)

Vests The standardisation of vests isn't going to be as hard, however due to our mods having specific vests for roles we'll be giving standard vests of either: JPC, MIRCIRAS, Ospery vests of camo that works with the uniform (DDPM/MTP for Osprey, RGR, MTP for MTP Uniform on JPCs and/or MIRCIRAS, and then KHK for Desert DPM.)

If what I had written in my notes is correct this standardisation will cut down arsenal time by at least half, giving us more time for actual gameplay and operations.

Weapons Weapon SOP and Choices at this current moment are NOT changing, this might happen in the future with expansion, however at this current moment our Assault Rifles are of EU/US Manufacture with a calibre limit of 5.56MM.

Full Standardisation List to Follow in the next few days.

Introduction Of Monthly Training

Practise makes perfect, within Task Force Husky once every month a training session will be announced, in this session we'll run through different aspects of ArmA that members decide they need practise on, this will allow the unit to decide what to train and practise, to gain more skill when its put into use on operations.

Extra information to be announced soon, with mods, maps, scheme of training, etc.