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Full Version: Launch of Saturday Missions.
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Hello, it has been a long. Long time coming.

But its now time to announce the following; WEEKLY MISSIONS ARE MAKING A RETURN with the unit getting its Fresh ORBAT recently its now time to put it to use in our weekly missions.

As usual the server info will be available on our Discord server.

The Gist

Date: September 21st 2019
Time: Server Opens - 17:00 UK Time, Briefing: 18:00 UK Time, Step-Off: 18:10-18:30 UK Time.
Mission: Patrol Operations 4
Modpack: Find the collection on steam at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1848091316

The Rules of the Server: http://forum.taskforcehusky.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=22

Server Name and Password Available on our Teamspeak.

Note: Due to technical issues the Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) Version is 0.9.12, this version is available on the Steam Workshop, however a re-install of the TFAR Plugin is required, this plugin for teamspeak can be aquired from this link:

https://bit.ly/2k5mjbK (Direct Download)

Remember to disable any other TFAR Plugins for newer and/or older versions.

The Mission Itself

As voted on our discord server, the mission we will be undertaking is Patrol Operations 4, a mission based around patrolling areas, gathering intel to launch bigger operations, this will not be an all-out-warfare mission, and will involve a lot of walking with sometimes very minimal contact.

Mission Details and Notes

Patrol Operations requires the soldiers to patrol towns, cities, etc. While outside on Patrol the units may speak to certain civilians, these civilians are marked with a WHITE QUESTION MARK IN A BOX ABOVE THEIR HEAD, to talk to them approach and press space if it says: "Talk to X" or scroll wheel and see if it is available.

Once a civilian conversation has been started you are given the choice to introduce yourself and then ask questions, in the beginning the civilians may only answer 1 question then want to leave.

Intelligence can also be gathered from enemies, it is worth searching enemy bodies, vehicles, etc for any intelligence, as it will aide in the bigger operations further down the line.

Time, Date, Etc.

As per the brand new overhaul bought into TFH we will be running a new kind of time structure, setup entirely to give members at minimum an hour gap before the start of the operation to get entirely setup in their teamspeak and ingame in the arsenal.

The new timing structure is as follows:

3 times will be given and they are:

Server Opening Time: This time is when the server gets turned on (typically 10 minutes prior for full boot-up and admin to set the mission and parameters) when it is this time then the server is joinable.

Briefing Time: A briefing on the nights activities will be given at the specified time, people who miss the briefing will have to catch up either from the member who gave the brief or by their section lead.

Step-Off Time: The step off time is the time in which all sections should "step off" or commence their tasking (EG: Patrolling)

The times are as follows:

Server Open Time: 17:00 UK Time (5:00pm UK Time)

Briefing Time: 18:00 UK Time (6:00pm UK Time)

Step Off Time: Between 18:10 and 18:30 UK Time. (6:10pm->6:30pm UK Time)

The Arsenal

Patrol Operations 4 has a different kind of Arsenal than normal, you'll need to hold space to access the Arsenal at the Virtual Arsenal boxes and then select your role from the "Select Roles" menu, once you've requested your role you'll be kicked out of the Arsenal, then, when you re-enter the arsenal you will have access to the equipment that the role is allowed.